Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Carr Memorial Trophy was presented ‘For the best all round Aircraft Technician Airframes and Engines’ in memory of A/T L/Cpl John Kirkton Carr.



Intake Rank Name Company
65A A/T Sgt C.H. Richardson D Coy
66A A/CPL M. Fay  
66B A/T Sgt M. Fraser  
66C A/T L/Cpl B. Greenhorn A Coy
68B A/T Sgt P.R. Warriner  
68C A/T RSM T.G. Doyle  
74C A/T CSM M.J. Urey  
86B A/T L/Cpl J. Renouf D Coy
89A A/T Cpl B.P. Wareham A Coy
91A A/T CSM A Perkowski D Coy