Monday, February 17, 2020



Those Arborfield Old Boys lost between our 2010 and 2011 Reunion at Arborfield. Their names were read out at the Drum Head service held in front of our Garden Of Remembrance in Arborfield on the 30th July 2011.




Ward, Ronald                                        38

Pelham, John Harry                               39

Crowther, Esmond, William (Joe)        39

Field, Rex, Harry                                    39

Hall, Desmond, Clement                       39

Martin, Dudley                                        38B

Rea, Ian                                                  38B

Johnson, Gerald                                     39A

Wiffen, Leslie, Norman                          39B

Burch, William, John                              42B

Bening, A B                                            43A

Boucher, Douglas, William                    43A

Morgan, James, Edward                        43A

Jelle, William, H (Bill)                              44B

Williams, Derek S                                   45A

Broomfield, Edwin James L                   45A

Thompson, Gerald (Tommo)                 45B

Towler, Mark                                            46A

Horwood, Peter William                          46A

Cowdrey, Cyril (Titch)                              46B

Carew, Roger                                          47B

Maddams, P J                                         47B

Horne, Stanley                                         47B

Crowson, David L                                    49B

King, Terry                                                49B

Wood, Peter, Brian                                  50A

Bonser, Jack                                            51B

Piper, Peter (Pip)                                     51B

Delbridge, Allan, J.                                  54A

Bennett, Paul Nigel                                  54B

Durston, Royston, Jack                           54B

Moss, John C E (Peat)                            55A

Massie, James (Jim)                               55A

Smith, Clive, Fraser, Gort                       55B

Taylor, Douglas, John (Dougie)             55B

Woollam, James, P                                 57A

Strachan, Brian                                        59C

Bosher, Joe                                             59C

Mindham, Ian (Robbie)                           59C

Latham, Austin (Ginge)                           60B

Talbot, Philip (Worzel)                            60C

May, Christopher, John                           63A

Loughlin, John Rorke                              63B

Clifford, Andrew                                       63B

Lee, Brian, James                                   65B

Templer, Adrian (S/Sgt)                          97X

Farrant, George, Charles (Nick)            H-39

Shaw, Harry E S                                   J-38B

Cook, Harry, Edward MBE                       PS

Botha, Wesley                                         03B

Gouldsmith, Jonathan                             04A